Elite Series

Stationary Commercial Compressors

CAS Elite Series compressors feature a unique option package that makes your new compressor simpler to maintain and deliver higher quality air.
The Elite options are available on all stationary compressors.

Elite Features:

  • Belt guard cooler delivers air at a much cooler temperature to the receiver. Compressed air that goes into the receive cool drops more moisture in the receiver. The moisture is then automatically drained from the receiver. That means less equipment damaging moisture is sent into your air lines.

  • Low oil monitor will help to keep you notified when
    you need to add oil to the compressor pump.


  • Magnetic motor starter protects your motor from over load and makes the important electrical contact to get the motor running.

  • Vibration isolators are designed to protect your receiver from damage caused by vibration when the compressor is running.

  • Automatic tank drain will help with the daily tank maintenance so that you don’t have to.

  • * Belt guard cooler not included on 5hp models

Accessories Available for Elite Units

  • Hour Meter

  • HOA operating switch

  • Alternating relay

  • Intake silencer

  • Dual control constant run

  • Rubber mounting pads

  • TEFC motor

  • Nema 4 control enclosure

  • Explosion proof motor

  • Explosion proof control enclosure

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