Elite Series Industrial Portable

10-15 H/P Gasoline Powered Compressors

The CAS Gas and Diesel powered Elite compressor are a innovation that only CAS offers. The units come with the accessories that make using the compressor easy and maintenance simple. All units head unloaded, cast iron pumps, low rpm, auto idle, electric start. Engine standard on driver side of vehicle, two stage 145-175-psi operating pressure.

Elite Features Include:

  • On-board Battery with recharge system. This make installation simple. No wire to run. No worries about voiding vehicle warranty

  • Belt Guard after cooler. This cools the air before it goes into the receiver So more moisture stays in the receiver rather than running to your air tools.

  • Automatic tank drain. Used with the belt guard cooler this drains the moisture from the receiver so you don’t have to crawl under the compressor to manually drain the receiver

  • Rubber mounting pads. This helps prevent the vibration of the unit from causing loose nuts and bolts.

elite series